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This page last updated on December 29, 2022

Kefir market here in the U.S.A is getting more and more crowded day by day. There are various kefir brands which serve different kinds of kefir (plain, light, flavored, iced) in the U.S.A market including organic kefir. Below are a sampling of the products available in this burgeoning market.

Make your own kefir at home if possible. If you don’t have time or right tools to make your own kefir milk at home then simply find a brand you like but stay away from flavored high sugar content kefir if you want to keep your gut healthy! Sugar and artificial flavors will kill healthy happy bacteria which reside in your gut!

Trader Joe’s Kefir
Nancy’s Kefir (organic)
Wallaby Kefir (organic)
Lifeway Kefir (organic)
Redwood Hill Farm Kefir
Clover Organic Farms Kefir
Green Valley Organics Kefir
Evolve Kefir
Helios Kefir (organic)

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