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Nancy’s is a family owned and operated company since 1960 from Eugeje, Oregon. Nancy’s Kefir is made with organic milk. They have Organic Plain Lowfat Kefir, Organic Blackberry Lowfat Kefir, Organic Raspberry Lowfat Kefir, Organic Blueberry Lowfat Kefir, Organic Strawberry Lowfat Kefir, Organic Peach Lowfat Kefir.

All of the kefir products from Nancy’s are available in 8 oz and 32 oz sizes. Their kefir products are gluten free and kosher certified.

Ingredients of Organic Lowfat Plain Kefir: Pasteurized organic milk, organic nonfat dry milk, organic inulin, and live cultures, including probiotics: Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12®, L. acidophilus LA-5®, L. casei, L. rhamnosus LB3. (BB-12® and LA-5® are registered trademarks of Chr. Hansen)

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