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This page last updated on December 29, 2022

Despite its unusual tart flavor, kefir milk can be a healthy substitute or addition to many recipes. Its uses span all meals and snacks ranging from baking bread for breakfast to a quick afternoon smoothie snack.

Kefir milk, in either its sweet or tart form, can replace yogurt or milk in most recipes. Amounts may need to be adjusted due to the liquid form of kefir and the active yeast inside.

Here are couple kefir recipes that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

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  1. I have recently started making dairy kefir and have been amazed at how fast the grains grow. I have just within the past few days started 2and fermentation and am hooked on the stuff and am getting my wife hooked also. Ive been making her kefir soaked oatmeal for breakfast and she loves it
    am interested to know if anyone needs some dairy grains. i have plenty to share

  2. Cooking with kefir (or yogurt) is nice, just remember if you heat it, you’re killing all its wonderful prebiotic and probiotic qualities! You get those from the fresh kefir. Raw milk is best for making kefir too, if you can get it, in that non-homogenized, non-pasteurised is a real food, recognized by the body as such and therefore much healthier than the altered varieties available en masse at the supermarkets. Of course, if you can’t get raw milk, turning it into kefir makes it much healthier!

  3. I have started using my kefir grains that I just recievedMy kefir looks curdled , not milky just overnight. Am I doing something wrong? And the grains are hardly visible when I strain off . Is that normal?

  4. It is said not to use metal materials when making kefir. I only have a metal thermometer instant read. Can I use this to take the temp of the milk before adding the grains?


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