Kefir Kitchen:

Everything You Need to Know About Kefir Making

Kefir Grains

When it comes to finding real kefir grains, the internet can be a great resource or a troublesome enemy.

How to Make?

The process of making homemade kefir is actually quite simple, quickly becomes a part of the daily routine.

Health Benefits

Drinking moderate amount of kefir has long been believed to promote long life and increase overall health.

Start cooking with kefir today!

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3 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About Homemade Kefir Making”

  1. I have been drinking milk kefir which is usually made from raw goat milk. It is great! I love it but after drinking it my tongue gets sore and my throat becomes itchy. I am a healthy person in general, and I swore kefir just boost my energy level! I Iove it! I drink about 1 to 1/2 cups a day. I can drink raw goat milk and cow milk just fine! Anybody else have this kind of side effects from drinking kefir? I just don’t want to stop drinking.

    • The higher acid content of the kefir might be causing this problem. Try adding water into your kefir. Half a glass of kefir and half a glass of water. Mix them well and drink the mix. If the problem still persist after a week, consult to your doctor.

  2. I’ve been making Kefir for about six months, using pasteurized 2% milk with no problems. Raw milk, due to not having been pasterurized, carries the risk of already containing bacteria and other cultures. These pre-existing cultures in the raw milk could be competing with your kefir, and slowly killing them.

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