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This page last updated on September 8, 2023

There are many kefir brands available in Canada, each with its own unique flavor and price point.

The price of kefir can vary depending on the brand, the flavor, and the size of the container. In general, kefir prices in Canada range from $2 to $5 per container.

The availability of kefir brands can also vary depending on the store. Most grocery stores in Canada carry a variety of kefir brands, but some health food stores and specialty stores may have a wider selection.

When choosing a kefir brand, it is important to consider your taste preferences, your dietary needs, the price, and the availability. It is also a good idea to read the label carefully to make sure that the kefir is made with ingredients that you are comfortable with.

Make your own kefir at home if possible. If you don’t have time or right tools to make your own kefir milk at home then simply find a brand you like but stay away from flavored high sugar content kefir if you want to keep your gut healthy! Sugar and artificial flavors will kill healthy happy bacteria which reside in your gut!

Here are some of the most popular kefir brands in Canada:

Bio-K Plus Kefir
Good Moood Farm