Natural Milk Kefir Grains

Natural Milk Kefir Grains



Natural, organic, uncontaminated, and dried milk kefir grains for sale. You can use it indefinitely as it grows during each fermentation cycle. Kefir milk naturally contains millions of probiotics and prebiotics. There are no additives. Best kefir starter on the market. Make your own milk kefir easily at home with the best kefir grains.

Because it is dried, the shipping process does not harm the grains. It will be delivered as fresh as the first day it was sent off.

Just activate these natural kefir grains by leaving it in a small amount of milk for 7 hours, and then it is ready to make milk kefir for a long time.

This product is not kefir culture, it is real kefir grain which contains millions of prebiotics, and probiotics. Kefir Kitchen supplies kefir grains from universities in Turkey which are experts at producing kefir grains. Because academicians are involved and the production process takes place in universities, grains are ultra-hygienic. One pack of kefir grain is enough to make one liter milk kefir at the beginning.



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Total kefir grains sold so far: 525

Canada: 146

New Zealand: 83

Singapore: 52

United Kingdom: 41

United States: 40

Australia: 38

Finland: 21

Ireland: 21

Germany: 18

Italy: 13

Denmark: 12

Sweeden: 10

United Arab Emirates: 08

Iceland: 05

France: 03

Spain: 03

Belgium: 03

Indonesia: 03

Brazil: 01

Netherlands: 01

China: 01

Japan: 01

Kuwait: 01


  1. David Coventry

    Hi, Is there anyone out there who knows where I can get kefir grains in the UAE? Can’t seem to find them anywhere.



  2. Jennifer

    This is my first time from grains, so a bit nervous of messing up. I’ve made it before from dried powder, but not real grains.

    The kefir I’ve made so far tastes fantastic, I’ve been mixing it with frozen fruit and honey and making smoothies and they are the best smoothies, nothing wrong at all with the taste of the kefir, hope it keeps going and that my grains start settling down/enlarging to a more grain-like appearance. I’m also giving it to my dogs, since it’s made so much already in such a short time – thickens so quickly now that I have to change it at least every 24 hours and that’s just at room temperature, not wood stove temperature. I moved it to another location in the house so it has a room temperature after the first day by the wood stove and it thickened to almost yogurt within 12 hours. My dogs love it too, they think it’s a treat, like ice cream.

    Very happy with your product so far. Just have to wait for growth and probably has something to do with me putting them in a hot room starting off. Thank you for the grains and for your great support too!

  3. Kathleen W.

    Kefir Kitchen is the best seller for milk kefir that I’ve ever found, other than one hippy lady that I ordered from years ago. You get large grained kefir granules, shipped quickly, well packaged, with excellent instructions. Thank you guys!

  4. Greg

    I had been purchasing kefir for some time from the supermarket, and decided to start making my own. While the initial investment seemed a bit steep, I determined that once I had fermented about 2 gallons of milk it would easily be paying for itself.

    I ordered grains from Kefir Kitchen, and and after reading the very thorough instructions included with the kit I set up my culture.

    In addition to making smoothies for the family (our favorite = 2-3 cups kefir, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1 banana, 1 cup frozen pineapple, and 2-3 large handfuls of baby spinach), I’ve been drinking some plain with a hint of cinnamon or ginger and using it as a buttermilk substitute in breads and pancakes. It’s a great product, and I think it’s already making a difference in our digestive health.

  5. Jean

    I’m so glad I finally got these. They were easy to start and there really is nothing like homemade kefir. Do not hesitate, start making your kefir immediately!

  6. Sarisi

    I only have one suggestion for people who make kefir at home. Metal kills kefir quickly so avoid using a metal strainer.

  7. Brian

    I ordered milk kefir grains from the U.S.A. I have been using it for three months now. They produce delicious kefir. I highly recommend it.

  8. Ja

    how many grams per pack please ?!

    • kefirkitchen

      Hello Ja, it is 5 gram of kefir grains which is enough to ferment one liter of milk at the beginning.

  9. Laila

    These grains arrived quickly and in a good condition, activation process is also very easy. Thank you for this great product.

  10. David

    I got the grains quickly and am now happily fermenting my own kefir in my kitchen. I also liked your soap guys. Many thanks.

  11. Bettina P.

    This is the best grains I have ever used. Thanks for your service.

  12. Jania

    You will not be disappointed with the kefir grains from this vendor. My order arrived in excellent condition. Don’t be concerned about the initial size of your kefir grains, as the most important thing is that they arrive healthy. I’m very new to making kefir, I found the directions that the vendor included with my order to be very helpful.

  13. Ali

    I ordered 6 packs of kefir grains to Dubai to share it with my family. Everybody is very satisfied so far. Just wanted to leave a thank you msg.

    • kefirkitchen

      Hi Ali, we are proud that your whole family is making kefir using our kefir grains. As we always say “Happy and healthy drinking”

  14. Rosie

    This milk kefir grains works really well. As a family we completely quit buying any kefir from stores. Thanks for selling that as a product.

    • kefirkitchen

      Hi Rosie, sorry for our late reply. We are very happy that you are drinking homemade kefir now. Soon you will see the benefits of homemade kefir.

  15. Meredith

    I like the taste of those grains. Thank you :)

  16. Cesar M.

    Those grains are great! Highly recommend! I enjoy drinking kefir. It is the best thing for my health.

  17. CanadaGirl

    I’m glad I was able to find this company to order my grains. They provide a good safe way to get the cultures I needed. I had no problems starting my kefir, and it has been going strong for several weeks now. It is very easy to follow the instructions too.

    • kefirkitchen

      We are glad that you had no problems to start your kefir. Thank you very much for your kind comment.

  18. Karen

    Fast shipping, good packaging, delicious taste.

    • kefirkitchen

      We are still making some changes on our packaging to make it perfect. We have never had a complaint about our packaging but it is important how is it delivered to customer. We are also glad that you like the taste. Thank you for your feedback.

  19. Elaine

    High quality grains with a nice gift :) Thank you guys.

    • kefirkitchen

      We are happy that you like the grains and the gift. We appreciate your comment.

  20. Thandie

    Worked great. I’ve been using it for a month now and I have to throw out about half of it once a week because they grow so fast. Just remember they are very tiny at first. You have to follow the instructions. I was worried at first that they were getting washed away. It helps to carefully rinse them in the strainer the first few times so you can see them.

    • kefirkitchen

      We are happy that you like the grains. Instead of throwing out the grains we recommend you to eat them. If you cannot you can use them in your salads or meals.

  21. Ahmed

    Apart from the kefir grains the best thing I like about this web site is the easy buying process. The whole process took me just two minutes! adding to cart then filling the order form. No membership No spammy messages or someting like that later. Thank you guys.

    • kefirkitchen

      We do not like to get bothered by the web sites which we shop. So we do not bother our customers with unnecessary messages unless there is a very important campaign or something like this. Thank you for leaving a review.

  22. Emma

    I love making kefir at home. It is much more economical then buying it. I tired this site and the grains worked well to make delicious milk kefir.

    • kefirkitchen

      We are happy that you like the grains. It is not just economical it is also more and more healthier to make homemade kefir. Thank you for your feedback.

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