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This page last updated on December 29, 2014

Wallaby Yogurt Company is from California. Starting from an Australian adventure, Wallaby focuses on yogurt and kefir production. First yogurt then kefir. Wallaby Organic Kefir contains 12 different strains of live and active kefir cultures. Wallaby produces four different kefir which are plain, blueberry, strawberry, and vanilla. Kefir products are bottled with 32 oz (almost one liter) bottles.

Ingredients of Wallaby plain kefir: organic cultured pasteurized lowfat milk.

[price_table title=”Wallaby Yogurt Company Plain Kefir” price=” Price N/A” desc=”Serving size 1 cup (240 ml)” button=”No shipping outside of U.S.A” url=”#”] [pt_item]Calories: 90 cal[/pt_item] [pt_item]Total fat 2.5 g[/pt_item] [pt_item]Saturated fat 1.5 g[/pt_item] [pt_item]Trans fat 0 g [/pt_item] [pt_item]Cholesterol 20 mg[/pt_item] [pt_item]Sodium 150 mg[/pt_item] [pt_item]Calcium 30% [/pt_item] [pt_item]Total carbohydrates 10 g[/pt_item] [pt_item]Dietary fiber 0 g[/pt_item] [pt_item]Sugars 7 g[/pt_item] [pt_item]Vitamin A 2% g[/pt_item] [pt_item]Protein 8 g[/pt_item] [pt_item]Iron 0%[/pt_item] [/price_table]
image source: Wallaby Yogurt Company
image source: Wallaby Yogurt Company

Contact information for Wallaby Yogurt Company

Consumer Help & Information Phone:
(855) WAL-INFO
(855) 925-4636
Business Phone:
(707) 553-1233
Business Email:
[email protected]

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