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This page last updated on February 28, 2018

For Canada (Ottawa, Ontario, Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver, Alberta, Edmonton, and British Columbia and including other cities and provinces) you can find and buy kefir grains following web pages.

For Canada Delivery

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Kefir Kitchen

Kefir Kitchen supplies kefir grains from universities in Turkey which are expert to produce kefir grains. Because academicians are involved and the production process takes place in universities grains are ultra-hygienic and have healthy bacterias. Also those grains are are dried, the shipping process does not harm the grains. It is always delivered as fresh as the first day it was sent off. We have shipped more than 200 orders without any complaint.

Growing Youthful

Growing Youthful promotes natural remedies and products and foods that promote longevity and overall health. It stands to reason that they would also include probiotic foods, with kefir at the top of the list. The website provides listings of people who sell or give away kefir grains for six countries. Most of the people on these lists are kefir-drinkers who have a surplus of kefir grains to pass on. They are mainly contacted by email with some posting the product and others only available through pickup.

For Canadian residents, there are suppliers of kefir grains in Ottawa, Quebec and British Columbia which are fresh and available for pick up. The other two currently listed for kefir grains in Canada post dehydrated grains. Buying dehydrated grains can be risky as they sometimes cannot be revitalized. The kefir grains in British Columbia can also be posted, but the cost of shipping may be a little bit high.

Kefir Lady

Most internet searches of ‘where to find kefir grains’ come out with this supplier on top. The Kefir Lady, otherwise known as Marilyn Jarzembski, resides in the U.S.A. and ships dried kefir milk grains to Canada. Although dehydrated grains can sometimes arrive lifeless and flat. Reviews of her product reviving and producing well are overwhelmingly positive.

Her shipping and payment system seem to be simple and reliable. She asks that people write their address in the email in address format so she can copy and paste it to a label. Most importantly, her reviews are all positive saying that the kefir grains arrived quickly. She also includes instructions on how to get started with the rehydrating and first batch of kefir milk in the package.

Fusion Teas

Looking for kefir grains on the internet? Fusion Teas is a reliable distributor which has live kefir grains for sale, available through Amazon.com. The kefir grains arrive promptly and well-packaged in a small amount of kefir milk. The packaging is food-safe, and protects the kefir grains during shipping. Because the grains are not dried and have not been stored in a fridge or freezer, they require little time to become active and begin producing quality kefir milk. The kefir grains will also reproduce quickly due to their freshness. The customer reviews are all positive for the quality of these live kefir grains and the service of the producer.

Fusion Teas provides either 1 or 2 Tablespoons of kefir grains and an ebook written by Thomas Egbert which includes advice about kefir production and kefir recipes. Fusion Teas ships by the usual Amazon standards and costs. These kefir grains can be sent anywhere in the United States, and also in Canada for a slightly higher fee.


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