Start making your own yogurt at home!

Yogurt starter for cow milk


Yogurt is a source of high protein and calcium. Yogurt, which is supported with probiotics, helps to boost your immune system and digestive system. Today yogurt which comes from markets is not a healthy way to consume it. Homemade yogurt is much better than mass production yogurt. With this yogurt starter you can make your own yogurt in a healthy way at home.

When you order one pack of kefir grains you will get one yogurt starter for free.

How to make yogurt using this yogurt starter

Pre-activation: Put the grains into 50 ml milk which is at room temperature. Mix it well. Wait for 6 hours. Keep the milk at room temperature. You can use a hand towel to maintain the temperature. After 6 hours the grains will be active. If it seems like milk, it is normal. Take the next step.

Making your own yogurt: You can use up to 2 LT of milk to make yogurt. Make the milk ready by boiling it 10-15 minutes to get rid of the water inside the milk. Let it cool down (45 celsicus). Put your active yougurt grains into the milk. Cover the jar with a hand towel to keep it warm. Wait for another 6 hours.

After 6 hours put your yogurt into the fridge and wait for 24 hours. After 24 hours, you can have it.

It is important to use a glass jar not steel.



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