What is kefir and its origin?

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This page last updated on June 22, 2021

What is Kefir?

You might be wondering what is those nice looking plain or flavored kefir bottles that you see at the supermarkets all the time.

What is kefir?

Kefir is a popular, health-boosting drink made from the fermentation of kefir grains in milk.

The origins of the name come from the Turkish word for pleasure (Keyif or Keif).Probably because when drunk daily, kefir promotes health and an overall good feeling.

Its’ probiotic qualities are rumored to lead to longevity and have recently caused its’ growing popularity in Europe and the Americas. Those who are interested in bioactive foods and other foodies curious about traditional beverages have increasingly begun to ask what is kefir.

What is Kefir?
A daily mug of kefir milk

What does kefir taste like?

The finished product of kefir milk looks similar to a smooth yogurt drink, but has a slightly carbonated texture.

Twenty-four hour fermented kefir tastes sweet and is more watery while after 48 hours kefir thickens and becomes more sour.

This is the traditional kefir milk made by the authentic method using actual kefir grains and cows’ milk.

Kefir products are now available in supermarkets in North America, and other commercial supermarkets worldwide, with sweetened versions including strawberry, peach and blueberry. However, these products do not have the same health benefits as real kefir, which for now can only be produced in small quantities.

IMPORTANT Kefir  cannot be mass produced  due to the nature of the kefir grain itself. This is why you need to start making your own homemade kefir!

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