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This page last updated on March 11, 2018

When kefir became popular, brands got interested about kefir. Ülker is one of the brands which doesn’t want to miss to get the chance! For now they have three different kefir type. One is plain and sold in one liter bottles, two mixed fruit sold in 275 ml bottles, three strawberry also sold in 275 ml bottles. Ülker Kefir can be found in every supermarket and small shops.

[price_table title=”One liter Ülker Kefir” price=”3.99 TL” desc=”Cheapest kefir in Turkey” button=” Shipping possible outside of Turkey” url=”#”] [pt_item]Calories: 38,4[/pt_item] [pt_item]Calcium: 97 mg[/pt_item] [pt_item]Protein: 2.7 gr[/pt_item] [pt_item]Fat: 2 gr[/pt_item] [/price_table]


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