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Altınkılıç is one of the oldest kefir brands in Turkey. You can find it in almost every supermarket or small shop. Altınkılıç has different flavors such as strawberry kefir, honey and banana kefir, and mixed fruit kefir. For people who think kefir is high in calories Altınkılıç also produces light kefir. Other than kefir this brand is also famous for their cheese products.

[price_table title=”One liter Altınkılıç Kefir” price=”4.35 TL” desc=”It is sold in plastic bottles” button=”No shipping outside of Turkey” url=”#”] [pt_item]Calories: 63[/pt_item] [pt_item]Calcium: 12 mg[/pt_item] [pt_item]Protein: 2.8 gr[/pt_item] [pt_item]Fat: 3 gr[/pt_item] [/price_table]
Altinkılıç Kefir is one of the most selling kefir brand. Having variety is one of the reason.
Altinkılıç Kefir is one of the highest selling kefir brands due to the variety of flavors.

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